Ismo Haavisto

Blues Artist

About Ismo Blues Artist

Ismo Haavisto is a professional blues musician from Lahti, Finland. He is known as a great singer, harpist and guitar player. He made a start of playing blues as a teenager and now-a-days he's on the top of the scene in Finland.

MBT homeIBC 2013 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Ismo Haavisto represented Finland at the International Blues Challenge.

EBC 2012 Berlin, Germany

Ismo Haavisto represented Finland at the European Blues Challenge.

Ismo Haavisto One Man Band

Sounds like trio!
It works as well in your living room or at a festival.

Ismo Haavisto Trio

Mostly I don’t like blues trios, but they are awesome and sound like a quartet !”; Johan Bendrik, Swedish keyboard player. 

Seven albums!

Ismo has recorded seven albums. The latest one: Mean Blue Train (to buy CD, click here) released in September 2014.

One Man Band

Ismo Haavisto One Man Band is the hardest working ensemble - it works as well in living room as at festival. Haavisto plays guitar, slide, harmonica and sings of course. Stompbox and foot tambourine gives a solid beat.  This is something unique that you must see and hear! 


Ismo Haavisto Trio is quite a new ensemble. Ismo wanted to make a new repertoire and changed his band from a quartet to a trio. There’s the great Ville Vallila on bass and the mighty Mikko Järvinen on drums. Haavisto sings and plays guitars, slide and harmonica. The set list is composed of two section. First you hear semi-acoustic Blues and the second part is electric Rhythm’n’blues. 

Ismo Haavisto with Lahti Big Band

Ismo started co-operation with Lahti Big Band in 2011. The first concert with this 20-person-band was in May 2012 at Lahden Jazztori-festival. All the song are written by Ismo and arrangements are made by Erno Tiittanen. Erno is also the conductor of the band. The band has played at big festivals in Finland like Imatra Big Band Festival and Kotkan meripäivät.