Ismo Haavisto

The Blues Has Chosen Me

The Bay City Sonics

Louie BCS

The Bay City Sonics play grooving Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues and Boogie Woogie.  
Band Members: Louie Digman (piano, vocal), Ismo Haavisto (guitar, vocal), Juke Moisio (drums).

Louie Digman is a British born boogie woogie pianist and singer, who has lived in Estonia for the past 12 years. He is a dynamic deliverer of authentic rock & roll, rhythm & blues and blues, a traveling musician by trade, and a throwback to the golden age of musical entertainment.

Guitarist and singer Ismo Haavisto is a well-known blues artist. But you can be sure thatthis Rhythm & Blues master also knows how to Rock & Roll! He’s a professional artist who gigs allover Finland and abroad. Louie and Ismo met at Pärnu Blues Festival in 2015. Since then they have done gigs together in Finland and Estonia. In the summer 2018 they decided to set up a trio and asked Juke Moisio to play drums.

Juke Moisio is known for his solid and rolling beat. He has played in many bands (The Rockets, Marko Haavisto & The Hanks, The Fleabrain etc.). When Louie heard Juke’s playing he was impressed with his no frills style and his boogie beats, he said: “He’s the drummer that I’ve been looking for.”

Ismo and Juke are from Lahti, Finland.  Louie has visited Ismo at his home many times, and Ismo has given him many guided tours of Lahti.  Louie fell in love with this city on the bay and so the boys decided to name the band after Lahti, where it all began...and so the Bay City Sonics were born!

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